How to Add to cart?

  • Before purchase please log in to our Marketplace.
  1. 1.
    Select any products that you would like to purchase.
2. Before add to cart, please check the delivery charges (If).
3. Select 'Quantity' and 'Add to cart'.
4. Apply the 'Voucher Code' and Apply or leave a comment to merchant if any.
5. Tick the product that you would like checkout.
If you are a member of BonusLink, please key in the 16-digit Number before proceed to checkout.
6. First order, please key in all the information, include Email address, shipping address.
You may save as Default Billing Address or Default Delivery Address and click 'Save'.
7. Please confirm the address and the total amount. If would like change shipping address, click 'Edit'.
8. If confirmed, click 'PLACE ORDER'.
9. Select payment method and continue to proceed. Credit Card, FPX Banking, E-wallet.
10. The payment was successful.
After placed order, If the order is not paid within 1 hour, it will be automatically cancelled.
11. Confirmation email will be sent to the email address that provided in the address book.
12. Sample of Confirmation Email.