How to check my order and order status?
  1. 1.
    Click 'Track My Order' in Main page.
2. You will see the last transaction order ID or you key in the order ID to search.
3. User may see the order status on this page.
  • Pending Payment- Not paid. Order will automatically cancelled within 1 hour if not paid
  • Order Pending- Seller not accepted the order yet
  • Processing- Your parcel have been confirmed by seller
  • Shipped- Your parcel have been shipped
4. After your parcel have been shipped by seller, user may check the delivery status here. According the tracking number or the status provide by system.
-> Order will be confirm by seller within 3 days, or it will be automatically cancelled
-> After confirmed by seller, Order will be ship out within 5 days, or it will be automatically cancelled
For more order details, please look for customer service assistance.
Official email: [email protected]
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